Pr Isabelle Fournier
• Distinguished contribution award, accelerating the Implementation of Mass Spectrometry in the Clinical Lab (MSACL), 2017
Pr Michel Salzet and Pr Isabelle Fournier
• MATWIN Award for the cutting edge Technology (2015) and I-Site (2018)
• Finalists for Altran innovation price (2014) and Trophies Awards (2017)
Dr Maxence Wisztorski and Pr Michel Salzet
• Award of the year 2014 from Quebec Sciences for the publication on alternative Proteins with Prof. X. Roucou (Univ. Sherbrooke)
Dr Marie Duhamel
• 2nd YPI Poster Award obtained at EUPA 9th Annual Congress, June 23-28 2015, Milan, Italia
• Young-investigator award for the best presentation at the Symposium of Anti-tumor Immunotherapy, September 2016, Lille
• PhD award received in 2017 by the French Society of Proteomic “SFEAP” (Société Française d’Electrophorèse et d’Analyse Protéomique)
Dr Benoit Fatou
• PhD award received in 2017 by the French society of mass spectrometry ” (Société Française de spectrométrie de Masse)
Dr Céline Mériaux
• PhD award received in 2013 by the French society of mass spectrometry ” (Société Française de spectrométrie de Masse)
Dr Stéphanie Devaux
• Poster Award, HUPO 2014
Antonella Raffo Romero
• EURON PhD days, 25-26 Octobre 2017, Kerkrade, Pays-Bas. 1st Awards euron
Dr Vivian Delcourt
• Best young investigator presentation, Symposium PROTEOMEUS 2017. Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada
Tanina Arab
• Best oral presentation award: French Neuroimmunology Society November 6th 2015, Paris, France
• Best poster presentation award: EURON, October 6th 2015, Maastricht, Netherland
Khalil Mallah
• Elevator Pitch Prize. 19th Euron PhD Student Meeting, Kerkrade, Netherlands, 25-26 October 2017

PRISM are rewarded at the 1st pedagogic university movies festival (Lyon, France) for their collaborative work in zoology with the SEMM (Service d’Enseignement sur Mesure Médiatisé, Université de Lille)
This activity is funded by Lille University and Unisciel
Prize for the best filmed
Dissection of the grasshopper (grasshopper anatomy)
Dissection of the mouse (mouse anatomy)
Dissection of the squid (squid anatomy)
Dissection of the starfish (starfish anatomy)