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Book Chapters

Book Coordinations

1. Biology of Annelids, Can J. Zool (2001), Coordinator: Pr. M. Salzet

  • Annelids Endocrinology: M. Salzet 79: 175-191
  • Epithelial transport and osmoregulation in annelids: Wolfgang G. Clauss 79 : 192-203
  • Neuronal growth and target recognition: lessons from the leech: Michael W. Baker and Eduardo R. Macagno 79: 204-217
  • An overview of glossiphoniid leech development: David A. Weisblat and Françoise Z. Huang 79 : 218-232
  • Immune defense and biological responses induced by toxics in Annelida: André Dhainaut and Patrick Scaps 79 : 233-253
  • Endocrine and environmental control of reproduction in Polychaeta : Jean-Claude Andries 79 : 254-270

2. Enzyme inhibition, Current Pharmaceutical Design, (2002) Coordinator: Pr. M. Salzet

  • Natural enzyme inhibitors isolated from invertebrates to prevent coagulation : M. Salzet (France) et Liliane Schoofs (Belgique)
  • Serine protease inhibitors and inflammation prevention: Y. Bilfinger (USA)
  • Fatty acid amino hydrolase inhibitors: therapeutic implication : V. Di Marzo (Italy)
  • ECE’s and other new endopeptidases revealed by the genome and prospects for developing selective inhibitors. E. Isaac (UK)
  • Nutritionnal Polyphenols and their metabolites as enzyme inhibitors: therapeutic implication. C. Cren-Olivé, M. Lenoir, C. Rolando (France)
  • Inhibitors of the Subtilase-Like Pro-Protein Convertases R. Day (Canada)
  • Les prodomains: Natural enzyme inhibitors. C. Lazure (Canada)

3. Neuroimmune Modulation. Current Opinion in European Medecine (2002)Coordinator: Pr. M. Salzet

  • Endocrine phenotype in immune cells, M. Salzet (France)
  • Growth Hormone and Immune system during Heath and Disease : D.A. Weigent, J. E. Blalock (US)
  • Immunomodulary effects of Proenkephalin: S. Hook, G.S. Le Gros (NZ)
  • Nitric oxide modulates cell shape : G.B. Stefano, D. Benz (USA)

4. Antimicrobial peptides are signalling Hormones. Current Opinion in Clinical and Experimental Research (2002) Coordinator: Pr. M. Salzet

  • Antimicrobial peptides in animals and their role in host defenses : K.A. Brogden, M.R. Ackermann, P.B. McCray, B.F. Tack (USA)
  • Antibacterial peptides from Invertebrates conserved in man: Potential for Involvement in the placebo response : M. Salzet (France)
  • Antimicrobial peptides in Epithelia : C. Bevins and T. Ganz (USA)

5. Invertebrate Immunity, Current Pharmaceutical Design, (2003) Coordinator: Pr. M. Salzet

  • Annelid Neuroimmune System. Christophe Lefebvre, Michel Salzet
  • Antimicrobial compounds of low molecular mass are constitutively present in insects : characterization of b-Alanyl-Tyrosine : K. Meylaers, A. Cerstiaens, E. Vierstraete, G. Baggerman, C.W. Michiels, A. De Loof, L. Schoofs.
  • Leeches: Immune response, angiogenesis and Biomedical application. Magda De Eguileor, Gianluca Tettamenti Annalisa Grimaldi, Terenzio Congiu, Roberto Ferrase, Gianpaolo Perletti, Roberto Valvassori, Edwin L. Cooper, Giulio Lanzavecchia .
  • Study of atrazine effects on Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, haemocytes : B. Gaganiare, T. Renault, K. Bouilly, S. Lapegue, H. Thomas-Guyon
  • Comparative immunology: Edwin Cooper
  • Bioprobiotics as biotherapeutic agents: present knowlegde and future : A. Mercenier,S. Pavan, B. Pot.

7. Mass spectrometry of Biomolecules, Current Pharmaceutical Design, (2005) Coordinator: Pr. Salzet

  • Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization analysis of non-covalent complexes: fundamentals and applications. G. Bolbach
  • Application of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry in screening and diagnostic research, W. Pusch, M. Kostrzewa
  • Nucleic Acid Analysis by Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry At the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century, J.L. Frahm, D.C. Muddima
  • Activated surfaces for laser desorption mass spectrometry: application for Peptide and Protein analysis., C. Afonso, N. Budimir, F.Fournier, J-C Tabet
  • GlycomicS and mass spectrometry, W. Morelle, J-C. Michalski

8. Imaging by Mass spectrometry, Current Pharmaceutical Design, (2007) Coordinator: Pr. Salzet

  • Chemical imaging of the nervous system with mass spectrometry. S Rubakhin, M. Heien, N.Hatcher, E. Monroe, J. Sweedler :
  • Direct Profiling of Glycerophospholipids and Sphingolipids in Tissue using MALDI-MS. A. S. Woods, S.N.Jackson:
  • New Developments in Profiling and Imaging of Proteins from Tissue Sections by MALDI Mass Spectrometry. P. Chaurand, J. L. Norris, D. S. Cornett, J. A. Mobley, R. M. Caprioli:
  • Recent Advances in Biological Tissue Imaging with Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry: polyatomic ion sources, sample preparation, and applications. A. Brunelle; O. Laprévote
  • From direct analysis to Imaging MALDI, I. Fournier, M. Wisztorski, M. Salzet

Book Chapters

  1. A Survey of Cell Biology, Intern. Rev. of Cytol. 187 (1999), Coordinator. Pr. K. W. Jeon.
    Invertebrate opioid precursors: Evolutionary conservation and the significance of enzymatic processing
    Stefano, G.B. and Salzet, M.

  2. Recent Developments in Comparative Endocrinology and Neurobiology. ED. Roubos, E., Bonga, W., Vaudry, R, and DeLoof, A., In. Shaker Publishing (1999), Amsterdam the Netherlands. Pp 329-334
    Stefano, G.B., D. Sonetti & M. Salzet
    Methionine Enkephalin May Serve as a Proinflammatory Signal Molecule: Evidence in Invertebrate Immune Processes.

  3. Advanced Research Workshop on a New Model for Analyzing Antimicrobial Peptides with Biomedical Applications. (2002)
    New powerful cascade coagulant inhibitors isolated from the gut of the leech Theromyzon tessulatum
    Sautiere PE., Tasiemski A., Vandenbulcke F., Desmons A., Salzet M.
    NATO Eds. Cooper, EL; Beschin, A; Bilej, M. Nato science series, sub-series i: life and behavioural sciences. 343, pp. 103-111.

  4. The new panorama of Animal Evolution (A. Legakis, S. Sfenthourakis, R. Polymeni & M. Thessalou-Legaki (eds). Pensoft Publishers. pp. 135-145, M. Salzet, A. Tasiemski, C. Lefebvre, E.L. Cooper. (2002) Comparison of Molecular Neuroimmune processes between leeches and Human. In Salzet M., Vieau, D., Breton, C (2004) Cell signalling in prokaryotes and lower metazoa. Coordonnateur. Fairweather I.

  5. Psychoneuroimmunology (2006), Coordinator Pr. Nick Plotnikoff The neuroendocrine phenotype is expressed in immune cells, M. Salzet & R. Day

  6. Invertebrate Neuropeptides and Hormones: Basic Knowledge and Recent Advances (2006), M. salzet, Molecular aspect of Annelid neuroendocrine system, Coordonateur Pr. H. Satake.

  7. Neuroscience Imaging book, Volume 3 (2008), Coordinator Pr. B. Schaller., MALDI Imaging: A Review of the Current Status of the Technology, Chapter 1, PP19-32.

  8. Annelids in Modern Biology (2009), Coordinateur Pr. D. Shain. Development, Regeneration and immune responses of the leech Nervous system. M. Salzet & E. Macagno, Chapter 9, pp.156-184, Wiley-Blackwell

  9. Stem cells in marine organisms (2009), Coordinator Pr. B. Rinkevich & V. Metranga. Neuroimmune chemical messengers and their conservation during evolution. G.B. Stefano, M.Salzet, E. Ottaviani, Chapter 6., PP.139-164, Spinger.

  10. Neuroimmune Biology, Volume 8 (2009), Coordinator Pr. Istvan Berczi The Brain and Host defence, M. Salzet & A . Tasiemski, Chapter 3.1.

  11. Methods in Molecular Biology series, (2010), Coordinator Pr. S. Rubakin & Pr. J. Sweedler. New developments in MALDI Imaging: The specific MALDI imaging, Humana Press, 656, pp. 339-361

  12. Methods in Molecular Biology series, (2010), Coordinator Pr. S. Rubakin & Pr. J. Sweedler, Frozen and FFPE tissue in MALDI imaging, Humana Press, 656, pp. 303-322

  13. Methods in Molecular Biology series, (2010), Coordinator Pr. S. Rubakin & Pr. J. Sweedler, On Tissue Proteins Identification Improvement by N-Terminal Peptides Derivatization,Humana Press, 656, pp. 323-338

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  15. Sample Preparation in Mass Spectrometry (2011) Yoshinori Masuo, Misato Hirano, Junko Shibato, Hyung Wook Nam, Isabelle Fournier, Mériaux Céline, Maxence Wisztorski, Michel Salzet, Hideaki Soya, Ganesh Kumar Agrawal & Randeep Rakwal. Brain Proteomics: Sampling Preparation Techniques for the Analysis of Rat Brain Samples using Mass Spectrometry. Eds. Ivanov AR; Lazarev AV, Harvard University Press, pp.171-195.

  16. Sample Preparation in Mass Spectrometry (2011) Isabelle Fournier, Céline Mériaux, Maxence Wisztorski, Michel Salzet. MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry for Investigating the Brain. Eds. Ivanov AR; Lazarev AV, Harvard University Press, pp. 765-783.

  17. Genomics, proteomics, and the nervous system, Book Series: Advances in Neurobiology Volume: 2. (2011) Isabelle Fournier, Julien Franck, Céline Mériaux, Maxence Wisztorski, Michel Salzet. MALDI Imaging of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissues: Application to Model Animals of Parkinson Disease for Biomarker Hunting. Ed. Clelland JD, Spinger, pp. 537-556.

  18. MALDI IMAGING technology: from history to perspectives! Application in neurosciences (2012) Michel Salzet & Isabelle Fournier. Expression Profile in Neurosciences, Humana Press

  19. MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry in Cancer. Lonsguespée R., Boyon C., Kerdraon O., Vinatier D., Day R., Fournier I., Salzet M. In Advances in Cancer Management (ISBN 978-953-307-870-0).

  20. Vizioli J, Drago F and Lefebvre C. (2016) Neuroprotection and immunity in the medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis: what about microglia? In : Ballarin L, Cammarata M. Lessons in Immunity: From Single-cell Organisms to Mammals, 1st Edition. Chapter 5. Elsevier ed. Download PDF

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