Proteogenomic associated to MALDI MSI for targeting alternative proteins involved in oncological processes

Support : Siric OncoLille, La Ligue Contre Le Cancer, Canceropole Nord-Ouest

Partners : Oncovet Clinical Research (OCR), Sherbooke Univ, Pr. X. Roucou)

 With the recent advances of high throughput sequencing in the field of genomics and mass spectrometry (MS) based proteomics, it has been shown that traditional computational genome annotation algorithms have underestimated the number of open reading frames (ORFs). Recent evidence has shown that small ORFs (smORFs) are present in RNAs including non-coding RNAs. Recently, PRISM has shown that many microproteins translated from smORFs can be detected in cancer including ovarian cancer and glioma. Even if their existence has been widely proven, their biological functions remain to be elucidated. Thus GHOST project  will respond to questions focusing on the role of microproteins and therefore their involvement in the glioma. Novel potential therapeutic targets can be identified and may not lead to tumor resistance or secondary effects of treatment. Additionally, large scale proteomics analysis combining microproteins and canonical proteins will provide more insights about patient profiles in response to specific treatments.



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