IMSC 2018

XXII International Mass...

Highlights in MCP

Remote atmospheric pressure...

To talk about us

Technology Networks, Science...


To talk about us again...

Pr Scott Gronert

Professor receives Fullbright...


Solving the limitations of...

The Pathologist

Real-time Tumor Analysis

The Analytical Scientist

Real-time Tumor Analysis

Louis Schweitzer

SpiderMass to Louis Schweitzer

Spidermass (video)

New in-vivo real time instrument... 

3D MALDI MSI (vidéo)

3D Maldi MSI Spinal Cord

I Site (vidéo)

Interview Pr Isabelle Fournier

Journal Covers for PRISM

PRISM made several covers...

A MS Device to Assist

To Assist in Surgical Oncology...

US Patent Application

Publication n° US 2017/0285012

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