M2 Specialities

M2 Proteomics Speciality of the Master of Genomics and Proteomics is a professionalized course aimed to train high-level business executives to meet current and future business of biotechnology by combining basic education, and specialized practices.

Offers training in the past two years of Master :

  • A project-based teaching
  • Knowledge of business and professions through the involvement of industry professionals Biotechnology
  • The use of two languages (English and German or Spanish)
  • The orientation and depth of the professional project
  • 2 professionalizing courses (3-5 months 6 months M1-M2) in France or abroad.

Students entering the Master have acquired during their course of Bachelor of Biology, including some BTS, DUT or other training professionalized knowledge in Biology-Biotechnology. They complement the knowledge acquired by basic areas of Genomics and Proteomics to specialize in the second year to one or the other of these two areas.
The integration of a long internship in M1 completed by graduation internship of 6 months in M2 in the entrepreneurial sector, the intervention of professionals Biotechnologies, project-based learning, allow students to build a trades considered suitable luggage biopharmaceutical companies, agro-food, cosmetics, agrochemical or clinical research.

Program Description

  • Autonomy in handling purification techniques (liquid chromatography, two-dimensional electrophoresis ...) and characterization of proteins and post-translational modifications (micro-sequencing, MALDI-TOF, ESI-MS)
  • Expertise in bioinformatics for querying databases
  • Skills to work in integrated teams involving genomics and proteomics.
  • Management skills, valorization, knowledge of biotechnology companies.


The course is interdisciplinary including chemistry, biochemistry of proteins, bioinformatics, management.
It is based on UV theoretical, practical (training complementary microarrays, bioinformatics, proteomics and peptidomic).
Examinations are conducted as technoscopes oral and memories.


Most national recruiting.
Course materials science physics and chemistry with optional modules or free biology course biology and biotechnology with free modules optional physics and chemistry, genomic and proteomic IUP course.
A quarter of the theoretical is scheduled for phasing candidates’ knowledge in chemistry, biochemistry and biology based on their original course.
Where appropriate, learning organization (CFA rhythm of alternation).

Skills considered

Mix of theoretical, experimental and professionalizing the field of proteomics.
Supported by students relationships with professionals in the organization of activities planned by the teaching team.