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Christelle Van Camp

Technician at University Lille 1

University Lille 1
Bât SN3, 1er étage, porte 103

Tel : +33 (0)3 20 43 68 39
Fax : +33 (0)3 20 43 40 56

Email : Christelle.Van-Camp@univ-lille1.fr

Technician in the Microglial Activation Axis of the laboratory

- 1992-1993 : First year of PhD Thesis (Poitiers University of Sciences), Biomembranes speciality, option : Cellular and Molecular Biology, Physiology. (Poitou-Charentes region grant).
- 1992 : Master of Sciences « Biomembranes » (MSC, Poitiers University of Sciences), option II : Membranes Physiology and Pharmacology, Cellular interactions. (MSC grant of French government).

Missions :
- Responsible of managment of material consumable of the laboratory, and of the products of in situ Hybridization sector
- Establish business connections, quotation requests and the orders of these 2 sectors
- Assure the centralization of experimental processes
- Responsible of the biological material
- Precise dissection of the leech nervous system (Hirudo Medicinalis)
- Preparation of cellular and molecular samples
- Preparation of tissues, and paraffin and frozen sections
- Preparation of samples for the study in flow cytometry
- Analysis of pictures in photonic microscopy
- welcome and supervisor of the new students for the discovery and the driving of experimentations corresponding to my technical missions, and transmission of my skills during the formation of student researchers
Technical skills :
- Sample protein extraction, protein determination by Bradford method
- Western Blotting (SDS PAGE) and Dot Blotting
- Trypsic digestion and Zip tip
- Synthesis of labelled RNA probes and in situ hybridization
- Total mRNA extraction, retrotranscription, QPCR
- Immunohistochemistry on cultured cells, on paraffin, frozen, semi thin sections and in toto tissues
- Immunoprecipitation and Co-immunoprecipitation
- chemotaxis assay
- Primary culture of nerve cells (neurons and microglial cells)
- Organotypic cultures of Leech nerve cord (Hirudo Medicinalis)
- Tissues coloration
Professional formations :
- Nov 2012 : Formation to Flow Cytometry level 1.
- Sept 2011 : Formation to Animal Experimentation level 2.

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