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PRISM is an interdisciplinary laboratory integrating i.e. Biologists, molecular biologists, Biochemists, Chemists, and Physicians issued from University of Lille 1, Cancer Center Oscar Lambret (COL) and the University Hospital Center (CHU Lille). PRISM also a European Associated Laboratory, LANCET, with the Department of Surgery and Cancer of Imperial College of London (ICL). Since January 2017, part of PRISM is a mixed team with the private company Oncovet Clinical Research (OCR) / and became, O’DREAMS : Oncological-Driven Research & Mass Spectrometry.

PRISM research is based on two main axes i.e. Technical innovations and Therapeutic innovations. The most relevant innovations from PRISM is the Spidermass project, which is a non invasive instrument allowing real time diagnosis based on molecular profiles. The second one is Gliomic, is prognosis based on MALDI-MSI associated to tissue microOMICS with clinical data (MRI, genetic, epigenetic …). The third one, AltORF, issued from proteogenomic strategy is devoted to the identification of Alternative protein partners and function. From the Therapeutic axis, two main projects have emerged so called Macbeth and Neurobridge. Macbeth is an oncoimmunological project devoted to reactivate macrophage in tumor environment and NEUROBRIDGE aims to enable an advanced therapy of SCI, by developing smart biomaterials with multiple functionalities to improve regeneration in patients associated to a gene therapy.

PRISM is hosting a novel platform for Clinical-Chemistry Imaging (CLIC-Imaging), a 3D spheroids and 3D bioprinting organs for drug screening, 3D Cell OMICS.